Reference Websites or “Nachschlagewerke”

A couple of month ago I found Luke Wroblewski’s PDF of the “mobile first” talk (image above) on the internets and was sold on the idea. It makes totally sense to me to start with the smallest component of a layout: the mobile screen and not the website. Since everyone wants to go mobile anyways this seems like a logical step and I seriously wonder if companies actually started doing mobile first, especial since agile layouts become almost inevitable.

So I was delighted to find the work of Valentin Fischer and Wolfram Nagel who started a website called “Multiscreen Experience” (unfortunately only in German). A collection of information all around the multiscreen experience (obviously). I like that this could be a reference site to designers, but much more importantly to clients. I haven’t gone through all of the site but the parts I read gave a nice overview and short explanation of “buzz” words (e.x gamification) that are flying around and that might not be entirely clear to everyone.

Uh and by the way, those guys also worked on the “Design Method Finder” which also falls in the category reference websites.



I was delighted to see that someone thought of Friendfund, because I can totally imagine using this in the future. To make it short: Friendfund is like Kickstarter but with your friends. The user and his/her friends can collect money for a present, a trip or what ever comes to mind and needs to be financially shared. Every pool is open for 10 days to reach the set goal.

I like the user flow of registering a new pool, which is divided into two steps (1st: open a new pool, 2nd: invite friends) and clean, simple and easy to follow. I wonder though if Kickstarter will have the same/similar idea in the future.