Keynotes is my new Omnigraffle

I think I tried almost every software for wireframing and I finally found the one that just works for me. I went from Illustrator (just a bad idea), to Omnigraffle (is there really no web template?) to Balsamiq (to sketchy) to finally ended up with Keynote. To proof my point, here are some of the advantages:

- Various canvas sizes
- Master Slides
- Click through is easy to build
- Export to PDF, JPEG, PNG
- Easy to use

And, of course, very important there are already toolkits out there: Keynote Kung-fu by Travis Isaacs is only $12 and very useful (also, his related slideshow is quite interesting). Keynotopia lets you buy 9 templates for $39 or you can get the smaller free version. I also found a free wireframe stencils set that I haven’t checked out yet.

Yeah, for boxes and arrows!

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  1. Hi,
    I also sell iOS GUI Element kits for Keynote in wireframe and prototype. The prototype version will be out in a week. And I sell iOS sketchpad downloads as well. Thanks.

    • Imee says:

      Hey Aaron, I’ve never tried Axure. I just looked it up real quick.. and it seems to have a lot of the same feretaus. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but I prefer the napkin drawing feel that Balsamiq Mockups has over the clean cut boxes that are used in Axure. (I only watched the tour on their site, so they may have that feature, but I didn’t see it)The other thing I really like about Balsamiq is the fact that it IS build using Flex. What can I say, I like things built with Flex As for the license that I am giving away, it’s for the Desktop Version of Balsamiq Mockups. I believe that the project manager integration (XWiki, JIRA, Confluence) versions have a different licensing structure.

    • Shero says:

      A picture is worth a tonhsaud words and with Balsamiq, it is worth a lot more.Balsamiq helps cross-functional product teams focus on usability and navigation of a product or website and leave visual treatment discussions to a later stage. It is a great tool for Product Managers in start-ups where there isn’t a full crew complement of UI designers, UI engineers, and HCI experts for the PM to leverage.Within a few hours of downloading the tool, I was able to mock up around two dozen user interfaces, export them to pngs and share with my geographically distributed team. It helped make the requirements review I conducted over the phone quite collaborative.I echo your sentiment, Scott. It is a great tool.

    • Nick says:

      / Hi Mike, thanks for the rveeiw and the kind words! I know of many people that use Mockups _instead_ of the whiteboard once they get fast with it there are lots of keyboard shortcuts for maximum thought-to-mockup speed, and Quick Add is a fast way to add controls. Hopefully it will work for you!

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    • Naznwa says:

      Hi Carl,I see your point a lot of times it is most efficient to build sites hveower you are most comfortable with, whether from scratch or on top of a content management system, BUT one of the biggest reasons to use a content management system in my experience is so the client is able to update and maintain their website themselves once the project is finished. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Can you elaborate more about why you move from Balsamiq to Keynote? Thanks.

    • Jens says:

      I am in the process of dnpiloveeg an iPhone app and it is taking longer than I thought but one thing I found to be really helpful as you mentioned was balsamic mockups.I use it all the time to complete fast mockups for clients when I want them to approve a web site change before we start coding.Thanks for the updates and suggestions.

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