Status update

My thesis is divided into two parts. During the last semester I concentrated on the first part: collecting and building a legacy. Here, I have to think a little more about the content strategy. Elliott gave me the good tip of looking into signpost and I will integrate them. The milestones (or signposts) in life will be highlighted to function as a guiding path through someones legacy.
The second part – the legacy as a heritage – is not fully considered yet. Since this is what will get inherited and what will survive as a reflection of someones life, it should be long-lasting and very meaningful. The problem is, that the digital world can not always compete with the physical world when we talk about long-lasting or meaningful objects and experiences. For the next few weeks I want to consider the integration of tangible objects into the second part of my thesis. Still, I have to figure out why and what this object should be and how the heirs would interact with it. Also, in case the key gets carried on, I would like to bring it back in the end in order to get a complete story. So, next step is thinking about the interaction of viewing the legacy and I would like to solve the following problems:

How does the object look like? Why?
Why is it important to someone (besides the content on it)?
How can the heirs view the legacy?
When will the heirs view the legacy?

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